If you are looking for the phpld seo friendly details pages mod click here.

With this small modification you can have seo friendly pages for the top links, latest links and latest articles. Actually this is already done in the .htaccess and all you have to do is to update your template to point to these pages. The file to modify is usually top-bar.tpl

FIND: {$smarty.const.DOC_ROOT}/index.php?list=latest
REPLACE BY: {$smarty.const.DOC_ROOT}/latest-links.html

FIND: {$smarty.const.DOC_ROOT}/index.php?list=latestarticles
REPLACE BY: {$smarty.const.DOC_ROOT}/latest-articles.html

FIND: {$smarty.const.DOC_ROOT}/index.php?list=top
REPLACE BY: {$smarty.const.DOC_ROOT}/top-hits.html

A demo here.